Non Invasive Vaginal Tightening

January 24, 2017

Vaginal/Feminine Rejuvenation is an umbrella term used to describe a range of procedures that correct and restore the optimal structure and form of the vagina and the surrounding tissues.


Due to various causes ranging from childbirth and aging to genetics or even trauma, the female genital region becomes loose, and lax over time, resulting in stress urinary incontinence, decreased sensation during sexual intercourse and generalised dissatisfaction with the appearance of the area. For both cosmetic and medical reasons, women seek to revitalise and strengthen the elasticity of the vaginal wall and its surrounding tissues.


Treatments Available


On the one end of the spectrum lies noninvasive strategies that serve as a first-line approach to improving vaginal dryness, such as lubricants and hormone replacement medications or Kegel exercises aiming to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.


On the other end, gynecologists or plastic surgeons perform surgeries to restore the form and structure of the urogenital system.



Recent Developments


Recently, there is a welcome development for the many women who are wary of surgery due to the risks, expenses and downtime involved. Among the new technologies being applied to feminine rejuvenation include lasers and radio frequency (RF)-based energy devices. By harnessing laser or RF waves to heat the tissues of the vaginal wall to 40 to 42 degrees Celsius, these energy-based devices aim to induce restoration of the elasticity and hydration of the urogenital system.



Introducing ThermiVa


At Revival, we offer ThermiVa treatments for selected patients. ThermiVa uses a special wand applicator which may be applied externally to labia and vulvar tissue to restore normal tissue tone and function using radiofrequency energy.


A recent study in 2015 involving 23 patients with vaginal laxity, showed that after ThermiVa treatments, patients experienced improved vaginal tightness, reduced dryness of the vagina and noticeable reductions of urinary leakage. There were no burns, blisters or major complications during and after treatments.



What You Can Expect


• No surgery

• No downtime

• No anesthesia

• Comfortable, in-office treatments

• Three 30-min sessions, one month apart

• May resume sexual relations same day/night

• Noticeable improvement after 1st or 2nd session

• Long lasting results (6-12 months)




Dr Chew ML is our resident female General Practitioner who runs the Feminine Wellness Clinic at the Revival Medical Centre. To book an appointment with Dr Chew, call us at 6337 2707 or email us at







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